System Clocks & Frequency References


System Clocks & Frequency References

8040C/8040CLN Rubidium Frequency References

  • 6 or 12 Configurable Outputs
  • RF & Pulse Outputs
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Multiple Output Signal Formats
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • GPS Disciplining

4145C Quartz Ultra-Clean Phase-Lock Oscillator

  • High-Performance: Cleans up the signal from a Cesium source
  • Best in Quartz Technology: BVA and SC
  • Selectable time constants: 10, 50, 200, or 400 s to optimize performance
  • Exceptional short and medium-term stability

Telecom Primary Reference Sources

  • Cesium III beam tubes
  • Autonomous Stratum 1 Primary Reference Sources
  • DS1, E1, 2048 kHz G.703/13, 10MHz. 5 MHz. 1.544 MHz and composite outputs
  • Up to ±1e-12 frequency stability over temperature
  • Front access ETSI shelf: TimeCesium 4400
  • Rear access ANSI shelf: TimeCesium 4500

Cesium Frequency Standards and Beam Tubes

  • Frequency Accuracy up to ±5e-13
  • Long Term Stability up to 1e-14
  • Up to 6 RF and 3 PPS outputs
  • Up to 2 1PPS inputs
  • Battery backup, Ethernet and Telecom connectivity available
  • 10 year warranty on standard tubes (5 year on high performance)

Active Hydrogen Maser

Phase Noise and Allen Deviation Testers

  • 5125A Test Set: 1 to 400MHz input range, -170dBc/Hz 10kHz phase noise measurement
  • 5120A Test Set: 1 to 30MHz input range, -150dBc/Hz 10kHz phase noise mesurement
  • 3120A Test Probe: 0.5 to 30MHz independent input and reference frequencies
Atomic physics sets the standard for stability, accuracy and range of applications in precision frequency reference clocks worldwide. Microsemi's Rubidium, SAW and quartz oscillators support more military communications, satellite ground stations, and test and measurement applications than any other
precision frequency references in the world. Advanced research, cutting edge engineering and packaging, superior manufacturing, and integrated software design all result in precision frequency standards that deliver exceptional performance and unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability in the most challenging environments. Microsemi’s portfolio is aligned to help you generate, distribute and apply precise time in your networks.
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