Phase Noise and Allen Deviation Testers


Phase Noise and Allen Deviation Testers

Phase Noise and Allen Deviation Test Sets and Probes

Microsemi’s digital, state-of-the-art test sets bring a paradigm shift to the way that phase noise and ADEV measurements are made. What was once a complicated and costly procedure has now been made easier, more accurate, and more cost effective. Typically used to characterize high precision oscillators and atomic clocks, Microsemi’s test sets are simple one-box solutions that characterize even the lowest noise references more accurately than ever before

5120A Test Set

Easier, More Accurate and More Cost-Effective Measurements in One Box

5125A Test Set

High-Performance, Extended-Range Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Test Set

3120A Test Probe

Accurate phase-noise and ADEV measurement. Require an external reference and computer along with Test Software