Modular Synchronization Systems


Modular Synchronization Systems

Accurate, centralized reference signals for the communications marketplace

Designed to meet the needs of today's demanding and complex communications infrastructures, Microsemi's Modular Distribution Systems support an extensive variety of input references, oscillators, output frequencies, and input/output interface styles with powerful network based management tools and complete power supply plans.

TimeSource Enhanced PRTC

Secure and fault tolerant source of time for network synchronization

SSU2000 & SSU2000e

Superior synchronization signals for advanced network services

TimeHub 5500

High QoS delivery of NGN applications and content over carrier networks

TimeProvider 1000 & 1100

Extending synchronization to the edge of the network

TimeSource 3550

Primary reference source using GPS and Rubidium holdover

TimeSource 3050

Primary reference source for public networks

SyncSystem 4380A

Metrology-grade master timing reference delivering world-class performance in a highly-configurable 1U rack-mountable package.

Fiberoptic Expansion Chasis

Cost effective expansion for time code translation

System 3000

Hot swappable chasis for large scale fault switching & signal distribution

Time Code Translator

Reliable, precise, user-configurable time and frequency outputs.

TSC 4340

Fiber optic distribution amplifier expands Universal Time Code System outpus

System 2000

Loran-C Timing