Synchronization Services


Synchronization Services

Notice to Customers:
A GPS Rollover event will be occurring on April 6th, 2019. General details of this event can be found at To find out additional information regarding the effects of specific Microsemi synchronization products, please log into the Frequency and Time Division customer portal at and search for the Field Service Bulletin 098-40621-97.

Timing & Synchronization Systems

Microsemi provides synchronization services that assist customers with the planning, deployment and maintenance of synchronization infrastructure. Services are designed to lower costs, streamline processes, ensure quality, and deliver the highest level of performance from your synchronization network. The Microsemi Global Services team serves a wide variety of domestic and international customers in both public and private sectors.

Services Features At A Glance

  • 100% Focused on Service
  • All-Inclusive Statement of Work
  • Trusted Expertise
  • Time & Frequency Services Reach
  • Services across all timing products in Telecom and Infrastructure Applications
  • Quality System Certified to TL 9000, Telcordia GR-2981- CORE and ISO 9001:2000

Our team of specialists provide comprehensive solutions across a wide range of applications:

A Synchronization Audit from Microsemi is an indispensable tool to maintain the integrity of your network and avoid timing outages. Audits leverage your existing network investments and identify maintenance issues before they become critical—and costly—problems. Using our advanced auditing, testing and verification procedures we can update your timing source and network element records, check your network’s compliance with current telecom standards and determine if your installed equipment is performing optimally. Following our audit we deliver a comprehensive status report, along with an executive overview of results and our expert summary of recommendations.

Plan for success. Whether you are about to take on network synchronization design, expansion, disaster recovery planning, Product Change Notice (PCN) implementation, or other special projects, our experts give you the planning advantage to start your project right. With deep technical expertise backed by unmatched knowledge in the synchronization marketplace, our consultants can ensure your project incorporates the proven best practices and technical efficiencies it needs to run smoothly. Along with the expertise to deliver special projects and custom plans, we offer flexible scope and pricing packages tailor-made to fit your unique needs.
Custom system development and integration to meet wide range of precision time and frequency applications. Microsemi designs and integrates complex timing systems to meet a wide range of applications. Systems that meet various levels of redundancy, provide multiple time and frequency outputs and apply the most accurate GNSS and SatCom techniques for measuring offsets between geographically dispersed clocks. All the hardware and software algorithms required to implement these systems have been developed by Microsemi and are backed by an extensive support network that includes, installation services, training, and long term maintenance.
Microsemi works with customers through each phase of the project life cycle to define and provide:
  • Derivation of specifications
  • Design
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Time Scale Rack Integration
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Site Installation
  • Testing and Inspection
  • Training
  • Long Term Maintenance
Contract-based maintenance programs from Microsemi provide a cost effective way to extend your expertise, increase your operating efficiency, and keep your vital telecom network equipment up and running. Services include round the clock technical support, hardware and software maintenance, spares support, and disaster recovery units that can go operational immediately in case of a service outage.

Global Technical Support

Our Technical Support staff is available globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support is available for all Microsemi hardware, embedded software, firmware, Craft software and Network Management System (NMS) software. For your convenience, support is available on an hourly or annual contract basis. When you have a question, we are just a call or email away. Expert support personnel, including subject matter experts and design engineers can answer your technical questions, troubleshoot problems and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Expert On-Site Maintenance

Available on a contract, or callout-basis, On-Site Maintenance service brings our technical support directly to you. If your Microsemi equipment problems can’t be resolved via telephone, one of our technical experts will travel to your location. We evaluate the equipment on-site, troubleshoot the problem, and make any necessary repairs using field-replaceable plug-ins or spares to resolve an equipment problem (spare parts are supplied by the customer or Microsemi’s Express Loaner Service). On-Site Maintenance services are available on an annual contract basis with guaranteed response times or on a case-by case basis as needed.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty contracts extend the initial return-to-factory repair warranty services for Microsemi hardware products. By providing you with a contract return authorization number you avoid the time and expense necessary in requesting, purchasing and processing payments for individual repairs. We guarantee certified factory repair and an update to the latest revision level (when appropriate). An Extended Warranty contract includes guaranteed repair turnaround time so you get the service you need as quickly as possible.

Spares Support

We build Microsemi products to be durable. However, when a unit fails, you want it replaced as quickly and with as little effort on your part as possible. With a Spares Support contract a single phone call is all it takes to obtain advance replacements for any failed units, without the need for time consuming purchase orders to obtain replacement spares or schedule repairs. Call us and we send a Microsemi replacement unit to your location, along with a pre-paid return waybill and packaging for the failed unit. You keep the spare and return the failed unit to our regional warehouse.

Network Time Server Express Loaner Service

Ensure maximum uptime for your enterprise. In the event your time server fails our Express Loaner Service ships a loaner network time server overnight to your location. Simply place a call to Microsemi Global Services and tell us the model of your Microsemi time server. We ship that model overnight to your specified location anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Software Maintenance

Trouble-shooting and problem resolution is just the beginning of the Software Maintenance services we offer. Software Maintenance contracts provide an outsourced solution to supporting the operation and maintenance of your sync network. We offer 24x7x365 global technical support for installation, operation and maintenance of Microsemi software. We perform on-site installation of new releases. Our staff can remotely monitor the health of your network, and dispatch maintenance personnel to resolve alarms as required. During the contract period, we keep your software up to date and operational with patches, point releases, maintenance releases, and related documentation for your purchased version.

Direct Cesium Tube Replacement

Direct Cesium Tube Replacements renew your cesium tube life span and restore performance for far less than the cost of purchasing a new unit. Factory installed and guaranteed replacements are available for many models of cesium instruments manufactured by Microsemi, Agilent® and FEI®. Both standard performance and high performance cesium tubes are available.

Calibration Services

Microsemi calibration service for selected cesium, rubidium and quartz instruments helps ensure your unit’s accurate performance in critical, high reliability timing applications. Cesium units undergo a Frequency Accuracy Stability measurement in our factory, and are calibrated to published specifications from the United States Naval Observatory (USNO). Rubidium and quartz units are calibrated to our factory standard specifications. We also conduct a physical evaluation of each product, so if your unit needs any repairs, we’ll let you know.

All-Inclusive Statement Of Work

Before we deliver any maintenance service, we clarify your requirements and gather information. A comprehensive, all-inclusive statement of work specifies the scope of work, identifies key issues upfront, and delivers a rock-solid quote, so there are no expensive surprises once work begins. The quality of our work ensures your equipment is installed right the first time, on time, and on budget.


Customers may request and purchase repairs on a case-by- case basis. We offer return-to-factory repairs for most current and discontinued products. To request repair work, simply submit a “Request a Repair” form or call one of our call center locations

Flexible Installation Service On Your Schedule

When you need equipment installed, and up and running immediately, we can schedule rush installations to meet your needs. Our flexible scheduling services can install Microsemi equipment either during or after normal business hours. We only consider the installation complete when your Microsemi equipment is in place and working properly. When you purchase our installation service for multiple units, we automatically include project management and status reporting at no additional charge to help you stay in control of the project.

Site Survey Plans for Success

Our Site Survey service ensures your installation proceeds smoothly. A pre-installation checklist identifies any issues before work begins so we can plan around them. With a Site Survey we know ahead of time exactly what you need for a successful installation, including details like cable length, type of conduit and optimum GPS antenna location (if applicable).

Product Training

Product training courses from Microsemi Global Services (SGS) focus on the application, operation and maintenance of Microsemi products. Taught by our expert instructors, students receive training in functionality, troubleshooting, installation, and maintenance. Properly trained employees, who know how to keep Microsemi products operating at peak efficiency are one of the best, most cost-effective investments you can make in your system or network.
Equipped with a thorough understanding of our products and their operational requirements, a trained staff can stop problems before they start, saving enormous amounts of time and money. If a problem does arise that can’t solved immediately, your trained staff will have the familiarity they need to trouble shoot the issue and resolve it quickly with our telephone Technical Support staff.

Synchronization Professional Development

Intensive, hands on courses cover the key aspects of synchronization and timing technology, planning and implementation. Ideal for those new to synchronization, managers of synchronization personnel, or veterans looking to expand their core knowledge, this is an expedited solution for ongoing professional development and mastery of synchronization skills.

Custom Training

Custom Training brings the training to you. We have years of experience working with customers to define instructional programs to meet their unique requirements. Our instructors collaborate with your staff to develop curriculum, define the length and scope of instruction, then deliver the custom training programs and seminars at a location you designate or at our state-of-the-art training facilities.

Train the Trainers

For customers with their own training staff, and large numbers of employees, our Train the Trainers licensing program provides a cost-effective way to bring your staff up to speed. In addition to expert trainer instruction, you receive a license to reproduce and modify our training materials for your use. We will also send you any course updates we make for as long as we offer the course.

Quality Guaranteed

Our goal is to deliver effective training to all employees, ensuring they have the synchronization and timing skills they need to properly operate and maintain your Microsemi equipment. Students attending our courses must pass the course in order to receive a certificate of completion. If a student is dissatisfied with the course, we will review the situation with you and retrain at no charge if necessary.