Active Splitter allows multiple GPS receivers to share a single antenna. Designed for both manufacturing and position/timing redundancy applications

The 58529A GPS Line Amplifier with L1 Bandpass Filter provides gain to overcome cable loss in installations where a GPS receiver and antenna must be separated by large distances.
With over 20 dB (typical) of gain, the 58529A increases the maximum cable length from 115 to 240 meters between the 58532A GPS Antenna and a timing receiver.

Lightning arrestors will protect your systems from lightning damage. In-line lightning arrestors are mounted on a low impedence ground between the antenna and the point where the cable enters the building. This is a commonly used configuration since there is often a good ground nearby to connect to.  The lightning arrestors require no additional power or wiring except the ground lead.

Microsemi's 5071A primary frequency standard delivers exceptional frequency stability. Thanks to a stability specification for 30-day averaging time, the 5071A can keep extremely predictable time and phase for long periods. Combined with a GPS timing receiver the 5071A primary frequency standard can produce a highly robust, inexpensive, and redundant frequency and time system.

The Microsemi SyncServer S80 is a fully integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna, receiver, NTP server, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface that easily integrates into existing PoE infrastructure to immediately be the source of accurate, secure, and reliable time stamps for all network connected devices. Network isolated physical security systems benefit as the ruggedized Stratum 1 network time server 

Next generation synchronization management system ensures control and visibility of the entire synchronization network

As timing and synchronization grow in importance in critical infrastructure networks, centralized management of this vital function has become essential to network operations. Microsemi ® TimePictra® is a modular web-based synchronization management system that scales and evolves with operational requirements.

The SyncServer S600 GPS /GNSS Stratum 1 network time server with security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology improves the security, accuracy and reliability of the time services on a network. This solution is ready to meet the needs of IT network administrators who are seeking to provide network time services in hardened network operations.

TimeProvider 4100 is a best-in-class IEEE 1588 grandmaster complemented by extensive port fanout for PTP, NTP, SyncE, and legacy Building Integrated Timing Supplies (BITS). Offering multiple ports to connect networks to multiple base stations for 4G and 5G deployments, TimeProvider 4100 is a cost-effective solution that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of use cases.

Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 C smartphone together with Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software provides highest level of privacy and security for government agencies and authorities.

Bittium Tough Mobile C is a smartphone based mobile communication solution providing government agencies, authorities and enterprises the highest level of privacy and security. The solution protects sensitive data at rest on the smartphone, data in transit and enables remote management of the device fleet.