Ten channel, RF distribution amplifier offers infinite expansion capabilities

The 6502B delivers a centralized reference signal to up to 100 different equipment stations without degrading the signal or creating crosstalk. Designed for use in calibration laboratories, engineering facilities and production test operations, the 6502B is comprised of ten, low phase noise RF amplifiers that maintain high channel isolation. The 6502B divides and delivers a 100 kHz to 10 MHz sine wave signal from a cesium frequency standard and provides up to 10 locations with high channel-to-channel isolation and low added phase noise.

RF Distribution Amplifier
Standard Input/Outpout Configuration
The 6502B standard configuration accepts input frequencies from 0.1MHz to 10MHZ at 1Vrms amplitude and provides ten buffered outputs of the same frequency.

Built-In Fault Protection
Prevents costly errors resulting from an undetected reference loss. Each output and input has an alarm indicator that warns of either a loss of signal or a signal of insufficient amplitude.

Daisy Chain Connectivity
Up to ten units can be daisy chained together to give up to 100 outputs or each output of one unit can be used as a source for other 6502B units to give almost infinite expansion capability with virtually no signal degradation.

Key Features

  • Low Phase Noise
  • High Channel Isolation (>100dB)
  • Ten Channel Output Distribution
  • Daisy Chain For More Than 100 Outputs


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