Low Noise CSAC (LN-CSAC)

Low Noise Chip Scale Atomic Clock

Pairing the lowest power atomic clock (CSAC) with the spectral purity of an OCXO has enabled an exceptionally stable oscillator.

The Microsemi LN-CSAC acts as a frequency and timing subsystem, while requiring limited size, weight, and power. It accepts a 1PPS input that may be used to synchronize the unit's 1PPS output to an external reference clock within ±100 ns accuracy or discipline its phase and frequency to within 1 ns and 1.0 × 10–12, respectively.


LN-CSAC Key Features

  • < 295mW power consumption
  • < 46cm3 volume
  • < 4 minutes time to lock
  • < 3x10-11 @1s Short Term Stability (Allan Deviation)
  • < 9x10-10 /mo Aging Rate (Typical)
  • -10oC to +70oC Operating Temperature
  • 10MHz, 1PPS outputs
  • 1PPS input for synchronization
  • RS-232 interface for monitoring and control
  • Phase Noise—sine wave
    ≤–85 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz
    ≤–120 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz
    ≤–140 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz
    ≤–145 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz
    ≤–150 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz
    ≤–155 dBc/Hz at ≥100 kHz

LN-CSAC Developer's Kit (990-00565-000)

  • HW platform to evaluate LN-CSAC
  • On board socket for LN-CSAC
  • HW included to allow mounting of evaluation board
  • Wall socket power supply
  • RS-232 cable to connect PC to evaluation board


User Guides

White Papers


The Microsemi "CSACdemo" software (Part # 084-00365-000) provides a convenient graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling the LN-CSAC. "CSACdemo" also is used for collecting and archiving monitor data from the LN-CSAC. It can be installed and run on any PC running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 and having at least one available RS232 (COM) port. Note: Multiple LN-CSACs can be monitored from a single PC, provided additional COM ports are available.

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